River Basin


23676 (2000 census)


The headwaters of this river basin is in Grand Father mountain, and the mouth is the Holston River.

Streams and Rivers

Their are 270 miles of streams and rivers in the Watauga river basin

5 important palces

  • In December their are spectacular white water rapids called Hydro and Edge.
  • High elevation spruce fir forest
  • many hiking trails.
  • Blue Ridge parkway
  • Beach Creek

Point Source Polluion

Factories are putting harmful chemicals and bacteria into the river basin.

Point Source pollination solution

People are picking up trash and finding where the man made chemicals are coming form.

Non-point Source Pollution

Run off sediments are coming from urban areas and causing trouble for the basin.

Non Point Source Pollution Solution

We could try to keep all the dirt/ sediments out from the weather so it cant go into streams and rivers.

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