newsletter no. 1

spiral school of music | academic year '14/'15

dear parents, students and colleagues !

Three weeks into the new academic year and we have so many exciting news to share with you already!

Current Courses News

~ Please find a full list of our courses and programmes here.

° We are delighted to have started offering Irina Gorin's piano method Tales of a Musical Journey. This modern creative internationally enjoyed approach is attracting more and more students age 3+ within and to spiral school of music®.

° Having received her certificate in Musikalische Früherziehung (Early Childhood Music Education), our colleague Ms Antje Holmgren is happy to start offering courses in Mein Musimo : a concept by Karin Schuh aimed at children ages 4 - 6 and presented in a playful context mainly in German language (with English) to groups of 6 - 10 children. These 45-minute classes will take place all year round (no classes on school holidays), once per week in the school's studio. Please contact us for more information and to reserve your child's spot.

° We invite children age 5+ and adults to join one of our percussion groups formed according to age. African drums, tambourines, maracas, tabla, shakers, triangle & jingle stick, once per week in a group of 2 - 6 participants. No previous experience required!

☆彡Student of the Month

Having recently upgraded to a lovely Rosenstock piano, 8 year old Kyra Prost is now more motivated than ever! Not only that she makes the trip from her school in Pankow to our studio and back home (also in Pankow) all alone, but she has informed her teacher Ms Denitsa Mineva that she gets up at 6:00 am every morning to practise before she goes to school. Furthermore Kyra has started composing her own improvised tunes, motivated by The Curious Case of Muttzart and Ratmaninoff composition programme she recently got really engaged in. Congratulations, dear Kyra, you have surely earned to be the Student of the Month and a big thank you to your parents for supporting you in your piano studies!

~ Is your child/student motivated and making progress too? Send us your stories, pictures or video and they might become our next Student of the Month!

(*note : applies to spiral school of music® students only)

Promo video

Here is the fruit of our new cooperation with Sverre Aune who produced this lovely promo video for us :
spiral school of music®

Summer School

While a big number of you were traveling the world and sunbathing, our Summer School was taking full force. Students visiting Berlin for the summer had the chance to work with some of our teachers :