Cape Cod

By: Megan Trainor

Hi, I am Megan Trainor and I am all about Cape Cod! Cape Cod is a relaxing place to visit, a place for your wedding or anniversary, a place for some great outdoor exercise and activity, for long walks on the beaches, maybe a retirement home, a family vacation, great shops and restaurants, a place for birthdays, enjoyable place for reunions and unique historical sites! You name it Cape Cod in Massachusetts has something for everyone!

About Cape Cod

Cape Cod is located in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Cape Cod national park has 43,607 acres. Cape Cod became a national park on August 7, 1961. There is lodging at Cape Cod, you can stay at hotels or motels. There are various hotels and motels to choose from! You do infact have to pay to get in to Cape Cod.

Pedestrian and bicyclists: $3

motorcyclist: $5-$10

Daily vehicle: $15-$20


Plants and Animals

What if I told you that there are many unique plants and animals at Cape Cod! Such as beautiful flowers! Cape Cod is known for having such wonderful flower gardens! There are also many different types of trees, shrubs, heathlands, grasslands, dunes, woodlands, forests, and seagrass beds are some plants that you may find in cape cod. There are about 800 plant species in Cape Cod and Massachusetts. There is over 450 species of amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, and mammals that live on cape cod. Park wildlife includes marine mammals and turtles; seagulls, seabirds, terns, and waterbirds. Also Seals, deer, rabbits, whales, fish, birds, ect.




Don't close your eyes because every season in Cape Cod is beautiful and stunning! In winter it is like a winter wonderland! The sun makes the snow sparkle and light snow sprinkles Cape Cod. Spring brings a light airy feeling to Cape Cod. Beautiful trees and flowers bloom! Once fall rolls around every morning is crisp and soothing. It's like once you walk outside all the worry just melts away. Summer is always relaxing! The warmth of the sun, the freedom and the white sand is just what you need to every day of summer!

Why was it turned into a national park?

The Pilgrims were a small group of people who made a great impact on world history. Their story begins in England, sometime after King Henry VIII started the independent Church of England.Many people in England did not agree with his decision. Some wanted the church to be more like the old Catholic church. Others wanted it to be even more simple and to rely more on Bible teachings. Many people began to flee from England in search of new land to create a better life. The pilgrams faced some hardships coming to America but they eventually made it and then settled in Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Traveling here

Since I am from Massachusetts and have been to Cape Cod I have already experienced that wonderful time. And now it is your turn!