Ace's Poems

Dear Pine Tree

You smiling and looking down at me

Your branches moving in the fresh, cool breeze

Your fuzzy green leaves all around

The cool shade you gave me

Ode to Teachers

Student hands you a bright red apple

Everybody knows you won't eat it

You'll forget

You always leave stuff behind

Wednesday afternoon you wait for the bell

Once it rang you dismiss everyone

You gather up your things and walk out of the room

You left the apple sitting on your desk

Monday morning you finally see it

What took you so long?

Now you've let the apple gone to waste

you take the apple and throw it out

Colorful Flames

Colorful, blazing fire out in the distance

The flames crackling and popping

Roasted marshmallows with graham crackers and warm chocolate

Wood burning along with recycled paper

The warmth of the fire in front of my hands

Elegy to my Shoes

I had these pretty neat shoes

They has wheels on them so I could zoom through

I've passed through people who had never heard of these

I missed them so much, now they're too small for my feet

First buying these shoes I put them on

Having these shoes was nothing wrong

these shoes were really neat

Now they're too small for my feet

Trying to push each foot in

Having my finger my shoe and arm under chin

These shoes were the best I had

Now I will never get them back

I went to my...

I went to my annoyingly, cute, sloppy eater, brown haired, green-eyed brother's first birthday party which was extremely fun with a campfire crackling through the cold night.