The Legacy Times

Vol. 2 - August 2017

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Director's Spotlight

Director: Shanna Grubb

Dear Legacy Family,

I am so excited about camp and everything coming up! I can't wait to start our year off with a bang at camp and our kit kamp performance. I also have great news to share! The new pep rally uniforms came in and they are so cute! On a different note, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our new assistant director Kristy Duenwald! Mrs. D will be teaching English at Wakeland next year and helping out with the drill team. We will be so blessed to have her on board.

*Please click HERE to read her biography and get to know her better.

Also, more details for camp are coming soon. Please read this newsletter carefully to make sure you don't miss anything as there are many important details included. I'll also be sending an email with more camp details soon.

Legacy Line Backer Booster Club Mission:

To support and champion the Legacy Line program at Wakeland High School.

Booster Meeting Coming Soon!

Tuesday, August 22 @ 7pm in WHS Library

We invite you to join our first Legacy Line Backer Booster Club meeting for the 17-18 school year! We look forward to seeing you at all 4 Booster Club Meetings held during the year.

Click HERE for the Booster & Board Calendar 17-18.

Team Directory Update

Secretary: Lisa McManus

A BIG shout of "THANKS" to those families who have completed the team directory form.

We only need 11 more families to create a complete directory! YAY!

Please take a quick minute to complete the form to finalize our team directory for the coming year. We appreciate it!

*Please click on this link - TEAM DIRECTORY FORM

Let's Support Our Legacies

1st VP: Christie Halverson

THANKS to our NEW Legacy Moms!

It is a Legacy Line tradition to have new member moms create and donate locker decorations for the team. A special thanks to DeeAnna Schafer, the Locker Committee Chair, and the team of talented moms who shared their time and creative efforts.

1st Opportunity to Support:

We are so excited for our Legacies to attend the Crowd Pleasers Line Camp! We want to be sure we support them with fabulous GOODY BAGS for the three days at camp.

*Please click on this LINK to SIGN UP for GOODY BAG items.

2nd Opportunity to Support:

Each Game Day we will serve a pre-game meal to our Legacies. This pre-game meal is provided after school and is successful due to the volunteers who help set up & take down the meal area.

*Please click on this LINK to SIGN UP and volunteer for GAME DAY Meals.

The blue link below is a schedule and order form for meals being served during football season.

*Please have your LEGACY complete this MEAL ORDER LINK .. deadline is August 7.

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Spirit Night

2nd VP: Keri Goins


McAlister's Deli on Sept. 19. @ 5pm-10pm

Our first spirit night will be at McAlister's and the management team is asking our Legacies to be a part of the welcome team during the night. From using tip jars to being door greeters, they want our spirit night to be a success!

Details coming in Sept news...SAVE THE DATE!

2017 Fall Spirit Ad Order Form

If you are interested in having your Legacy in the Fall Football Program,

please download the following FORM

and send in by August 19 to contacts listed on form..

Game Day Dinner Tradition

Coordinator: Lindsay Penny

It is a long tradition for Legacy Line families to meet for dinner before each game. This is always a fun time for Legacy families to get together. These dinners normally occur at casual restaurants where you can come and go as your schedule allows. Please invite family and friends who will be attending the game.

*For Sept. 1, please send your Game Day RSVP to the following email address:

*In your RSVP email, include an estimated head count for your family, so we can provide the restaurant with an approx. head count prior to our arrival.

Be on the look out for a sign-up genius next month for the remaining dinners. We look forward to getting to know all the Legacy Line families and keeping up with this Game Day Dinner Tradition!

  • 9/1 Rudy's BBQ
  • 9/7 Super Chix
  • 9/14 Campisi's @ Coit and Campbell
  • 9/22 Scotty P's
  • 10/5 Palio's on Legacy
  • 10/13 Frisco Railyard
  • 10/20 Frisco Railyard
  • 10/27 Newk's Eatery
  • 11/2 Gazebo Burger
  • 11/10 Joe's Pizza

Next Steps...

Line Camp & Football Season...and MORE!

  • 8/2-3 @ 1-3:30pm in Aux Gym WHS: Kit Camp Practice (ADDED day 8/3)
  • 8/ 4 @ 8:30am: Legacy Kit Camp Performance (UPDATED DATE & TIME)
  • 8/ 4-6 @ DFW Hilton Lakes: Legacy Line Camp (Day 3 @ 1:15pm Final Performances)
  • 8/ 7-9 @ 8am-4pm @ Aux Gym WHS: Boot Camp (UPDATED DATES)
  • 8/10 @ 6:45am TEAM & INDIV. PHOTOS at WHS (ADDED event!)
  • 8/ 15-17 @ 3-5:30pm @ Aux Gym WHS: Boot Camp
  • 8/21 - First Day of School!

Game Days Coming Soon...

  • 9/1 vs Liberty - FISD Memorial @ 7pm
  • 9/7 (THURS) vs. Lovejoy - Toyota @7pm
  • 9/14 (THURS) vs. JJ Pearce - at Eagle Mustang Stadium @ 7pm (away game) (REVISED DATE/TIME)
  • 9/22 vs. Woodrow Wilson - (Homecoming) FISD Memorial @7pm

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