The Scarlet Ibis

By: Andy Torres

Point Of View

*The narrators position in relation to the story being told

The story is being told in 1st Person Point of View because he talks about something that happened to him in the past and the beginning of the story he says that "and I remember Doodle..."on Pg.316 Another quote that depicts that it is 1st Person Point Of View is "After that day Doodle and I often went down into Old Woman Swam.I would gather wild flowers...and with wire grass we'd weave them..."on Pg 318 I think that's what depicts that it is 1st Person Point Of View.


*A symbol is often an ordinary object,event,person,or animal to which we have attached extraordinary meaning and significance

When the family was eating dinner they heard a strange noise and they went to check it out and found out that a large red bird was standing on a tree,it looked sick,tired,confused the bird was a Scarlet Ibis that lived in the tropic in South America then the scarlet ibis died.This Scarlet Ibis is a symbol of what happened to Doodle because doodle was tired,confused,weak on all the things he was doing to walk,run at the end of the story the narrator says "His shirt were stained a brilliant red...I lay there crying,sheltering my fallen Scarlet Ibis from the heresy of rain" On Pg 323 This symbolizes that Doodle was like the Scarlet Ibis his shirt was stained red and he was weak,tired of trying to run and he was like the Scarlet Ibis tired,weak and then they just cant get up no more and pass away.


*The "problem"which triggers the action.The struggle between two opposing forces.

The conflict of the story The Scarlet Ibis is that the narrator Had a baby brother but he was different he might not be able to walk,run,and do to much things and the narrator wanted to have a brother to do does things so when hes brother grows up he pushes him to walk the run.But his brother Doodle doesn't care about walking ,running, but for The narrator telling the story is embarrassed that he didn't have a brother that could walk,run.The narrator said "it was bad enough having an invalid brother,but having one who possibly was not all there was unbearable..." On Pg 317 This quote shows that he feels disappointed about his new born brother Doodle that his brother wont be able to do the things he does and that why he pushes Doodle to try to walk.


*A person or animal in a novel,play or movie

The Character is Dynamic because he changes from the beginning of the story to the end of the story.He changes from wanted his little brother to be able to walk,run and other activities like him to caring about him and when he dies he thinks about what he was done. He is a major type of character because he is always involved in the story.In the beginning he said that he was a disappointed on doodle because he wont be able to do the same things that he can like run,walk.But at the end he said " I began to weep,and the tear-blurred vision in red before me looked very familiar.Doodle! I screamed above the pounding storm and threw my body to the earth above his..." On Pg 323 This quote i think he regrets not going back for his brother he starts crying because i think that he cared for him and they accomplished many thing that doodle couldn't do.