This is my first flyer I hope I enjoy


My name is Ola Abdelazeez, and this is my first time using Smore. I'm really enjoying using this, it's so educational to use for school and lots more, love it!

Just so you know the girl on the right is not me, but I love that pic :)

Click here

I'm not going to tell you what until you click the button ;)

The link

The button that you clicked on, took you straight to a school website, which is my school. Simmons Middle School. I'm a seventh grader there and I'm really enjoying being there, most of all. Everything there is FUN!


I hope you enjoyed my flyer to you, and pretty soon I will start making more of that so don't get upset, I'll see in the next flyer.

Ola Abdelazeez

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