Money Management Tips

With Cort

Understand what you're trying to do

You're trying to spend the least amount of money possible to live nicely

Create a budget

Stick to it!

It's your money

Don't be suckered into credit card debt or scams

Keep track of money

Don't bounce checks or get in debt, do pay rent on time

Get a job!

Preferable near school to make the minimum commute

Save money

Save your money and learn about investing

If you get into debt GET OUT

Get out of debt as soon as possible, work extra hours or spend less to eliminate the debt as soon as possible

Learn about money

Learn about savings, credit card plans, insurance plans, retirement plans, learn about what you could turn to if you HAVE to, even if you don't need it now be ready for it later

Make sure you are not spending excess money

Drink and eat less expensively, buy cheap, walk or bike instead of driving, if you live and work within a couple blocks of school you shouldn't need to drive too often

Build good credit and good credit habits

It will help in the long run

Understand loans

Student loans cane be killer if not dealt with correctly

Find best deals on money dealings

Better rate for interest, better for you

Financial aid is here to help you

Apply for a new FAFSA every year

If you do something good, get paid for it

Turn hobbies into $

Live life

Even though you should stick to these tips to help you, remember going over budget by a couple of dollars once in a while isn't bad, its human to mess up. Enjoy life but do it fiscally responsibly