Midwest (Rust Belt)

By: Faith Collins

Relative Location

The midwest includes:

Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.

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Absolute Location

The coordinates of Indiana, which is around the center of the Midwest are

(39.76 N, 86.16 W)


Physical features:

-Canals and Rivers

-Lakes (Great Lakes)

Human Features:

-World's largest ball of twine

-Dam's for the lakes, rivers and canals.

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Traits of Culture

The general area of the Rust Belt has many large public schooling systems.

Political Organizations:

The Midwest is an "overwhelming democratic" area.


With a wide variety of housing options, almost anyone could afford to live there.


BBQ is ranked the most popular type of food in this region.


Like most of the United States, areas in the Midwest offer many types security- anywhere from home security systems to police.


Illinois is the most populated area of the Rust Belt, and Ohio is the least.

Creative Expression:

The Midwest is a big fan of drama and has a popular program called "Broadway in Columbus."

Most spoken languages include English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

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The main type of transportation are cars, trains and public busses.

Transportation of goods:
Trains and 18-wheelers are used for moving goods around.

Transportation of Ideas:

Ideas are spread online, through job's and vocally, face to face.

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*Depending on the weather, people change their attire.

*When it's summer and hot outside, people tend to drink more water.


*People building houses on the land.

*Building railroads through towns.

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