By Suriya Feto

what color is a penguin?

The color of a penguin is black and whit. The height of a penguin is 120cm and the smallest is 30cm.

Where does my penguin live?

Penguin lives in the Antarctica they kinda live in two place on ice and in the water.

What do penguins eat?

They eat sea food and fish,squid,small shrimp like and the last thing it is a animal that is called a died killer whales.

What predators eats penguins?

They are leopards,sea lions,sharks,and the last thing is killer whales

Interesting Facts about penguins

Penguin are flightless birds while other birds hare wings for fling penguins have adapted flippers to help them swim in the water.Most penguins live in the Southern hemisphere. NO penguin lives in the North pole. Penguins can drink sea water, penguin in Antarctica have no land based predators.
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