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White River Valley School District Program Updates--Issue 2


June 29, 2020----The White River Valley School District is working on plans for students and staff to return to school for face-to-face learning on our regular board adopted calendar for 2020-21. Our first student day is Tuesday, August 11th. It is our goal to keep students, parents, and patrons up-to-date with the latest program information. We are working with the Indiana Department of Education, the Indiana and Greene County Health Departments, and the Governor's Office to provide a healthy and safe environment for our students and staff. THE WOLVERINE NEWS will be published and emailed on a bi-monthly basis until August 11th to keep everyone informed. The COVID-19 pandemic situation remains fluid, so relevant communication is necessary for the betterment of all. Comments, questions, and concerns can be made by contacting Dr. Bob Hacker at 812-659-1424 or via email at bhacker@wrv.k12.in.us.



There are a number of groups working to help build our WRV plan to RETURN to SCHOOL safely. Today, three different meetings are taking place at WRV to continue building our plan to give students and parents consistent safety guidelines and consistent procedures to follow as we approach the start of school. Our district base plan has been presented to the Greene County Health Department for approval. We are now building procedural plans and guidelines to make sure we can transport students, deliver curriculum both in-person and virtually, provide food services for breakfast and lunch, and maintain a consistent cleaning schedule that will allow for student freedom to learn, play, and adjust to this new "normal" as kids both socially and emotionally. All group guidelines call for the use of CDC guidelines. It was nice to hear Dr. Box, the Indiana State Health Commissioner say last Tuesday that it is their hope at the ISHD that students will be able to social distance in the classroom and playground enough to take face masks off some during the day. It is our hope that good common sense can be used, while also protecting our students and staff adequately. All WRV parents will be emailed a survey on Monday. Please take the time to complete that survey online by the day's end on Thursday, July 2. We appreciate parent input and feedback as we move towards re-entry.


All County Schools Will Follow CDC Guidelines

The five Greene County School Districts met last Friday with Shari Lewis from the Greene County Health Department for a question-answer session and the explanation of guidelines from the County Health Department and the CDC. All of the districts will be held accountable to follow the CDC guidelines. We still have plenty of time left before the start of school for CDC changes to take place. They change those guidelines often and then we have to react accordingly. All of the county districts are planning both face-to-face return to school and virtual learning formats.

WRV began the Wolverine Academy five years ago to help students in untraditional programs to still earn academic credits. WRV will be able to offer that type of self-paced learning program at both the middle school and the elementary school level in August. Mr. Walton and Mrs. Staggs are working with their respective staffs to have quality educational programming in place for the start of school. Mrs. Claire Records and Ms. Megan Padgett have both served as program supervisors of the Academy program. If your student is interested in this type of program, please contact their principal:

Elementary School Mrs. Jill Staggs jstaggs@wrv.k12.in.us

Middle School Mr. Jason Walton jwalton@wrv.k12.in.us

High School Mr. Doug Lewis dlewis@wrv.k12.in.us

WRV BUILDINGS OPEN JULY 1st and 2nd: Students Must Enter at Main Offices

Students Can Pick-Up Personal Items; Clean-Out Desks/Lockers

The Governor closed schools in April until July 1st. Students who left materials in their desks or in their school lockers may come to their WRV School on July 1st and 2nd to pick-up those items. Students with last names beginning with A thru M may visit the school between 8-11AM either day. Students with last names beginning with N thru Z may visit the school between Noon-3PM either day.

Anyone entering the school must:

1. Report to the Main Office and Sign-In;

2. Have their temperature taken and be below 100.4;

3. Have a mask on; and

4. Social distancing is the expectation.

Students will have 15 minutes to get in and get their materials. Any questions regarding this process can be directed to the school principals.

Any student who still needs to turn-in school technology items (i-Pads, chargers, or keyboards) may do so during those times as well.




WRV HS Athletic Director Troy Greenlee met with all varsity coaches on June 26th to lay out WRV's plan in conjunction with the Indiana High School Athletic Association guidelines to bring students back to summer training. The roll-out contains three phases and will go from July 6th through the start of the IHSAA fall sports season. Coaches will be in contact with their athletes for the specifics in their respective sports.

General Guidelines (along with the IHSAA Recommendations):

1. Each student must complete the WRV COVID-19 Release Form and the IHSAA pre-physical information sheet with parent signature BEFORE being allowed any participation;

2. The IHSAA has waived the physical rule for 2020-21 for any student who had a valid IHSAA physical last year. There are exceptions to this rule, however. If your student has had a concussion or a history of concussions, he/she must have a new physical for 20-21. TEAM ORTHO is giving any Greene County student-athlete a FREE ATHLETIC PHYSICAL on June 30th from 4:30-7:30PM. YOU MUST CALL AND SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT--812-487-3381!

2. All work-outs are COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY;

3. Each student will report to their coach at the scheduled time. During attendance, each athlete will have his/her temperature taken. Any individual with 100.4 temperature or above will be sent home. Parents, please help us out by Self-Monitoring at home prior to sending your student to a work-out. We do not want to put any student or coach at-risk for the virus. If a student is exhibiting symptoms of the virus, please keep them at home.

4. Each varsity program will get two three-hour periods to work-out during the week. Mr. Greenlee will publish a schedule once it has been determined.

5. Each student should bring their own water bottle and towel. There will be no locker room facilities available. It is strongly suggested that all conditioning should be done outside.

6. The IHSAA recommendations will be followed regarding the use of our weight room.

Coaches will be in contact with their athletes prior to July 6th to pass out forms for signatures. AGAIN, NO ATHLETE WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE WITHOUT FORMS COMPLETELY SIGNED and COMPLETED.

WRV Receives ROI Implementation Grant; Starts Teacher Professional Development

Trust Based Relational Intervention Program to Launch in August

Thanks to the work and input of so many, White River Valley Schools has received a $250,000 ROI Implementation Grant. This grant will make it possible to launch a number of new initiatives during the 2020-21 and 2021-22 school years. The first and most timely initiative is the beginning of TBRI training for the teachers and staffs at White River Valley Elementary School and WRV Middle School. Teachers will be trained to help students deal with social and family issues in regards to trauma and student attachment. Our ROI Design Team researched this authentic relationship training program prior to the pandemic situation, but now we are so very fortunate to have the opportunity to begin a two-day training program in early August for implementation at the beginning of the school year to help students with the return to school. WRV Staff will receive three additional days of training throughout the 20-21 school year.

This virus situation has touched students in so many ways, and we know that there will be some degree of anxiety as we try to get back to normal. The TBRI program will give our teachers additional strategies and techniques to help students relax and do their best in the classroom. Center Grove Schools in Johnson County and Mt. Vernon Community Schools in Hancock County are among the first in our state to implement the program; they are having some tremendous successes with it. TBRI was developed by two school psychologists at Kansas State University. We want to be able to help every student and family through this most trying of times. Parents will also receive some information throughout the next two years that will help us all talk the same language around student anxiety and behavior.

Graduation and Prom Planning Underway

Graduation--July 25 at 10AM Prom--July 18 8-11PM Grand March 7:15PM

WRV Schools will host graduation for the Class of 2020 on Saturday morning, July 25th at 10AM. All seniors and senior/parents were mailed an instruction letter this week. Please make sure you communicate with us as the big day approaches (FINALLY!!) The ceremony will be held in the east parking lot, which will allow for a tremendous opportunity for social distancing. High school graduation is a milestone event for our students, and by holding graduation outside, we don't have to limit the number of people who are attending as long as we have room to social distance. Spectators will need to bring their lawn chairs. The parking lot will be closed and roped off on Thursday, July 23rd. We will have marked spaces for each family to be together. Spaces will not be reserved. (first come/first served) We will have an outdoor sound system and the stage/podium will be elevated against the east entrance to the gymnasium.

Rain date will be 5PM on July 25th with July 26 at 1PM as a back-up for weather.

We look forward to honoring our Class of 2020!! They've gone through a great deal this year and deserve a nice send off!!

PROM--Mrs. Enochs and Ms. Padgett have been communicating with students regarding PROM. Any questions can be directed to them at kenochs@wrv.k12.in.us, or you may contact WRV HS principal, Mr. Doug Lewis. The date is Saturday, July 18. The dance will be held at the HS from 8-11PM. Grand March will be at 7:15 and delivered in a virtual platform. I have been asked to announce that After Prom has been cancelled.