Around the World in Europe

(european countries)

Brooke's Around the World Introduction:

Around the World in European countries, we are learning about 3 chosen countries in Europe. in this project i will take you to 3 countries of my choice which consist of United Kingdom, Matla, Ireland. You will learn everything you will need to know to pass the Eouropean countries test.

The Famous United Kingdom

*Country: United Kingdom

*Government type: Constitutional monarchy& common wealth realm

*Leader and Title: David Cameron- Prime Minister

*Limited? or Unlimited? Limited

*European Union Member? Yes

*Current government event or concern: Human rights; a new law widens the use of secret hearings in civil courts on national security undermining accountability for UK Officials accused of abuse.

*Historical Political event: UK's economy shrunk in April 2012 by 0.2% because of a large fall in construction industry

*Population: 63 million

*Percent arable land: 24.88%

*Agriculture: Cereals, oil seeds, potatoes, vegetables; cattle, sheep, poultry, and fish

*GDP: $2.29 Trillion

*GDP per capita: $37,500

* currency: pound sterling

*exchange rate to US dollars:

1 British Pound Sterling equals

1.64 US Dollar

* major economic activites:1921 - UK agrees to the foundation of the Irish Free State. Northern Ireland remains part of the UK.

* famous brands of the country: Jack Wills,

* language: Primarily English

* Religion: Christian, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist

* Famous Landmarks:

*Cultural Foods: vegtatbles


*location: to the North of France or 35km

*climate: temperate, moterated by prevailing southwest winds over the North Atlantic ocean current; more than One half of the days are overcast.

Land Of The Irish (Ireland)

*Country: Ireland

*Government type: Republic, Parliamentary democracy

*Leader and Title: Taoi Seach: Prime Minister; Enda Kenny

*Limited or Unlimited: Limited

*European Union member: yes

*Current Government Issue or concern: Trasshipment of synthetic drugs ex: south American cocaine or illicit drugs

*Historical Political event: 1920 - The British parliament passes the Government of Ireland Act establishing one parliament for the six counties of Northern Ireland, and another for the rest of Ireland.

*historical Monument: Bank of Ireland, origanal home of Irish Parliment

*a person who changed history and how: Niall Horan, he is a world famous popstar it changed not only his town but his Country because he was a small town singer and is now know for singing he also had made ireland somewhere where more people want to live, and it changed his familys life by them no longer getting privacy.

*Population: 4,775,982

* % arable land: 15.1%

*agriculture: barley, potatoes, wheat; beef, dairy products

*GDP: $186.7 billion

*GDP per capita: $40,700

*Currency: Euro

*Exchange Rate to US dollars:

1 Euro equals

1.36 US Dollar

*Major Economic Activities: Ireland’s population has grown strongly over the past decade. In 2011 it was 4.6 million, up 17 per cent from 2002. With an average age of 36.1 per cent in 2011, the population is relatively young compared to the rest of the EU.

*Famous Brands of the Courntry: Guinness, Bailey’s and Jameson.

*Language: English, Irish mainly spoken on west coast

*Religon: Roman Catholic, Christian

*Famous LAndmarks:St. Patrick's Grave; Saint Patrick's remains are buried in the graveyard. Magnificent stain glass windows, box pews and beautiful organ case enhances this interesting building. About Saint Patrick:He is said to have been born Maewyn Succat (Latin: Magonus Succetus) and was a Roman Britain-born Christian missionary and is the patron saint of Ireland along with Brigid of Kildare and Columba.

*Cultural foods: growing potatoes

*Music/Literature: Pop music

*Location: 344.9 miles from the UK

*Climate: Tempate, maritime; modified by North Atlantic Current; mild winters, cool summers, consistantly humid, almost always overcast

*Topography: mostly level, surrounded byu rugged hills, low mountains sea cliffs on west coast

The Mysterous Mysteries of Malta

*Country: Malta

*Leader and title: prime minister- Joseph Muscat

*limited or Unlimited?: Limited

*European Union member: yes

*current gov't event or concern: limited natural freshwater resources; increasing reliance on desalination.

*historical political event: 1964-1966 "Innu Malti" recognized as the national anthem. Referendum on Independence Constitution. Malta
granted independence, becoming a sovereign nation within the British Commonwealth. (continued)

Malta is an archipelago, but only the three largest islands of Malta (Għawdex), Gozo and Kemmuna or Comino) being inhabited.

*historical monument: Comino: is a miniscule island half way between Malta and Gozo. In an area of just over a square mile, it packs a day’s pleasurable walk complete with a charming little chapel, picturesque castle and dramatic cliffs, a four star hotel with self catering apartments and the incredible Blue Lagoon. The latter’s turquoise waters must be the best spot for swimming and snorkelling anywhere in the Mediterranean.

*population: 411,277

*% arable land: 28.12%

*agriculture: potatoes, cauliflower, grapes, wheat, barely, tomatoes,pork, milk, citrus

* GDP: $11.19billion

*GDP per capita: $26,900

*currency: euros

*Exchange rate to US dollars: 1 euro = $0.7752

*major economic activities:Malta has limited resources but a thriving economy

Malta does not have any natural resources and experiences a limited fresh water supply; and it only produces around 20% of the food requirements. Thus, the economy is dependent on the human resources and foreign trade. Malta’s economy is practically driven by financial services, tourism, real estate, Igaming and manufacturing, particularly of electronics. Other significant sectors are pharmaceuticals, information technology, and call centres.

* famous brands of the country: air malta

* language: maltese, English

*Religion: roman catholic

*famous landmarks: the beaches of the island most popular is- Camino

* cultural foods: wheat,citrus

*location: south of sicily (Italy)

* climate: Mediterranean; mild, rainy winters: hot and dry summers

*topography:mostly low,rocky, flat to dissected plains; costal drifts