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About Me

I am a slow reader but enjoy reading a lot and try to read at least 20 minuets a day some of my favorite books are The lost hero, The Hobbit, and Percy Jackson. I also love to draw some things including Cartoons, Animals, and Fire! Plus I love Manchester City Futbol Club
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My Reading Quote

"The more you READ

the more THINGS you know.

the more that you LEARN

the more PLACES you'll go"

DR. Suess

I chose this quote because in my childhood I was always

very fond of Dr.Suess. He wrote some of my Favorite childhood books such as, The Cat in the Hat, Star Bellied Sneetches, Hop on Pop, Oh the Places you'll Go.

Favorite Books

10 Things About Me

10 Things About Me

10) I love To Read

9) I read multiple Books at a time

8) I am the slowest reader in my family

7) I usually only read at night

6) when i read during the Day i snack while i read

5) I like to read comics

4) Calvin and Hobbes is My favorite Comic Book

3) Rick Riordan is my favorite author

2) The Lost Hero is my favorite Chapter Book

1) I read while eating breakfast occasionally

Book Search

Some places to search for good books are:

Epic Reads

This site is a good place to get good books to read and share

Guys Read

This site gives good book suggestions for boys mainly but girls can read them to

The Duck Song Part 1,2 And 3.

How Reading Makes Me Feel

The Duck Song reminds me of when i get to a cliff hanger a little annoyed and I like it a little bit

My Blog Entry

Right now i'm reading The Westing Game which is about 13 heirs who come together in order to solve the mystery of Samuel Westing's death. They all get a set of clues to lead them to the victim.
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Brief Paragraph

In this presentation I gave some good resources to find summer reading and what I am currently reading. I hope you enjoyed this presentation Thank You.