stadium timeline

made by nevrus sakiri, hunter piedlau

lambeau feild stadium

made in 1957, and can hold up to 90,000 people! imaged by Curtis davis at the cost of $960,000. heaters under grass

soldier feild stadium

made in 1958, and can hold up to 62,000 people. made by Benjamin wood at the cost for 600 million. heaters under grass

qualcomm stadium

made in 1967, can hold up to 72,000 people. made by Benjamin wood and cost 27 million.

at&t stadium

made in 2009, can hold up to 80,000 people. made by Charles Deaton and cost 1.3 billion.

dome structure

metlife stadium

made in 2010, can hold up to 83.000. made by Billy Ryan and cost 1.6 billion.

heaters under grass

levis stadium

made in 2014, can hold up to 69,000. made by Edwards Davis and cost 1.3 billion.

time line was done on paper, including 15 stadiums with all instructions finished