A108 News

by: Mrs. O'Hara


Hello Parents!

Since I will not be at school tomorrow and Friday, I am sending my newsletter early. Two important things this week are: This Friday will be the Unit 1 module assessment (math test). Students will do a review/practice one tomorrow in class and will bring it home to study Weds. and Thurs. night. They should also look over all of the past lessons from their math book. The second thing is that there will be a ton of corrected work in the Friday folder this week. Please take some time to go over it with your child so that you are BOTH aware of where improvements need to be made. Look for "GREAT answers" in their work (see below).

We have spent a lot of class time working on "GREAT answers". As a matter of fact, we took a quiz on it last week and some did not do well. For full credit, "GREAT answers" are expected on any written task, quiz, and test that we take in class. That means it begins with a capital letter, has punctuation, has specific examples, uses key words from the question, is a complete sentence, and makes sense.

This week in language, we are learning Fables, and how they teach us a moral. Students have been assigned a character and will act out a play in front of the class. We are discussing character traits, both physical and personality. In writing, we are continuing our autobiographies. For math, we reviewed concepts, completed a study guide/practice test, and collaborated in teams to find and explain the answer to a word problem. In Science, we began to learn about shadows and seasons.

I have added a parent guide for math module 2 since we will start this next week. Please click on the link below to see what you need to know when helping your child with their math HW.

The Fun Run will be held on October 8th. Thanks to the Rashid family for donating a case of water for our class! Be sure students wear comfortable running shoes that day. We also need parent volunteers. You can sign up here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090445a4af22a20-carolyn

Do you ever ask "What did you do in school today?" and get the dreaded "Nothing!" or "I don't know." I'll be posting activities to our class Twitter account, @A108_OHara, so you can see what we're doing! Twitter accounts are free! Please join us!

Please email me directly with any questions or concerns. Also, if there is anyone you would like me to add or delete from this mailing list, let me know.

Mrs. O'Hara

Upcoming Events:

September 23rd-picture day
September 24th-staff inservice day-no school!
September 25th-Spirit Day~Clark colors (navy blue and gold)
October 7-International Walk to School Day! (parking lot closed)
October 8-Fun Run and Fall Carnival!
Eureka Math-A Guide for Parents, Module 2

This link will prepare you to help your child with their math homework.