Environmental Study Project

Lianys Montanez


In the average weather of 2009 there was exactly 14.56 inches of rain and that is not that much but still it is a lot.

In the average weather in 2001 it was exactly 18.27 inches of rainfall and i think that that is a whole lot of rain.

And the average weather for 2004 was a good number of rainfall 14.89 which is close to what happened in 2009 and a little far of what happened in 2009.

Natural disaster

These dates are the only dates that have had hurricanes in Orlando Florida and may i say there is a lot. and i think that the only reason of these weather is because a lot of damage and a lot of work for family and friends and a lot more stuff.


My Map

i had chose these five places because they are my favorite places. the first one is my house because it is where i live and it is officially my favorite place in the world, and it i where my family is. and then i chose the fashion square mall i love to shop and i love the food court but then again who doesn't . and then i picked bells outlet only because it is one of my favorite places to shop for clothes because the dots are always moving. and then the ;last one i picked was my favorite fast food place in the world mine is McDonald's only because i love there frappes and really that is all i go there for.

Wild Life

There is lots of different wildlife in Orlando fl and these different kinds of wildlife might be dangerous and some might be not so scary but a lot of them like the cheetahs and the lions and a tigers.