My Digital Footprint

Joel Monarrez

Digital Footpring

A Digital Footprint is how you are are viewed online if anyone tries to search your name up and what you leave behind online that can be seen by anyone.

Joel's Digital Footprint

My Digital Footprint consists of me being active on Blogger, Twitter, and Facebook. I use all these sites on a daily basis and use them all in the right way.
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Social Media


Blogger is a blogging site that is made for people to blog about anything and is very easy to use. Lots of people use it for a lot of different reasons but I use to show my experiences in the classroom. I blog about my 20% project experiences and also about a book I read for English class. This shows that I am active in class and that I like to read and it impacts me in a great way because it is only showing positive things about me. This could help me on getting a job later on in the future.
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Twitter is a social media site that people use for many different reasons. It could be used to promote a business, share your ideas with the world, or just socialize with your friends. I use it to show my Leyden pride and promote a good cause. This impacts my Digital Footprint by showing that i am an active participant in my school and that there isn't anything negative on my social media.
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Facebook is another social media site used to chat with friends, upload pictures, or stay update with news. I use it to chat with friends, upload pictures, and promote good things online. It impacts my digital footprint by showing that I don't mess around and upload bad things to my social media. This post shows that I am interested in sports which can show a lot about me.
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A Digital Footprint can help you get a job by showing what you are doing online and what good things you are doing outside of work. It can show how good of a person you are and what type of skills you have.


A Digital Footprint can also get you fired or not be hired, because it can show a lot of bad things. People can post pictures of you when your at parties and doing things shouldn't be doing.


If i had to improve my Digital Footprint, I would take down most of the posts that I have with my friends because we mess around a lot and it could make a job employer suspicious of me and think that I mess and hang around too much with my friends.

Main Idea

The most important I learned this semester was that it is important to make sure what you do online represents you in the best way possible. Well you are posting something or doing something your not suppose to, you don't think about how it can affect you in the future.