ESL Weekly News

Week of September 16-20, 2013


Time to get those schedules in so that we can plan to visit you! Please submit them by Friday, September 27, into your tab along the bottom of the Google Docs spreadsheet at the following link: . This link will also be updated on the Hub.

a. Keep in mind that these visits are unannounced. Sometimes they will be just one of us popping in to see how you’re doing or to watch some instruction. At other times they will be a walk-and-talk involving me and your principal or AP. Walks-and-talks will begin in October and will include written feedback.

Springboard Updates

1. Unfortunately, I don’t have any news for you yet from the Textbook department. I would encourage each of you to also touch base with whoever on your campus is in charge of ordering textbooks (i.e. AP, etc.). I will keep you posted!

BOY Conferences

1. I plan to come and visit with each of you during your conference period starting next week. We will be discussing each one of your students, their proficiency levels and accommodations, how they are being served (i.e. pull-out, push-in, or content-based), any concerns you have at this time, etc. Please send me an email with the time of your conference period by this Wednesday, September 18.

LPAC Deadline (20th Day)

1. Next Monday, September 23 is the 20th day of school. You must have completed your first round of LPAC meetings in order to be in compliance. Remember that your district procedural manual and the Hub contain a step-by-step for what to do before/during/and after the meeting (screen shot below). Please let us know if you have any questions.