AM National Newsletter

#7 | WEEK 2 | SEPTEMBER 2015

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MRD is H-O-T-T-O-G-O!

MRD is in full force this month! As AIESEC in TU and AIESEC in CU finalize their recruitments, what are the projects that are happening backstage?

Winter Peak Begins!

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Our long awaited application for winter peak of the Global Citizen Program is finally launched!

Operations are on the go and don't forget that on the other side, for AIESECers who are available during the period between December to February, this opportunity is also made for you!

Operational Update

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And as oGCP Recruitments also start kick-starting and being ready for action like MRD, it is also time to focus on our performance! This Quarter we were blessed with Realizations that we received as the legacy of generation 14.15. As we move onto our EPRDs, it is now time to sow our own seeds and assess performance through Matching! And how have the LCs been doing in that aspect?

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Meanwhile, in the back office...

Our MCP is gone!

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Can you find out where she is going this week in representation of AIESEC in Malaysia?

If you have the answer, send it to and if you are the first one, you will receive a personal "see you later" message from your MCP! How cool is that?

What is the MC up to this week?

Hanne (MCP)

-> SG Preparation and MC Individual Coaching

Hui Yeen (FL)

-> Programme & Project Budget and Department & BaU Plan Review

John (Operations)
-> Finalization of off-peak goals and entity partnership strategies

Jane (OGX)

-> Definition of Q Focus for oGCP and IR Follow Up

Peter (iGTP)

-> LC Goal Setting and IR Follow Up

Edward (iGCP)

-> National PBoX External Audit and LCVP Individual Coaching

Sin Ting (oGTP)

-> Post-IC Plan and oGTP Marketing Support

Erik (S&S)

-> Customer Service System building and GTP LEAD Planning

Manu (OD)
-> National TtT Delivery and Innovation Fund Platform

Ana (TM)

-> LC Coaching and Visit for CU and R&R System

JT (Expansion)

-> Expansion Q3 Review and Outcampus Recruitment support

Kenny (BD)
-> Proposals for P&G, Nippon Paint, Unilever and Sales for Maybank

Pravin (PR)

-> Ambassadors Confirmation and Production Team for GCP Campaign video

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