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What is Media Literacy

The media includes all of the news and what is reported to the world as being important. Whether it is what Kim Kardashian is up to in the past week or what China’s relationship to the United States is. The media is on television, websites, and newspapers worldwide that reports information that is deemed “important” enough for the public to see. Now being media literate is being able to analyze what is in the media and put it into words such as on a blog or as an article in the newspaper. Being Media literate is an important skill used almost every day by people processing what they see on the news or internet. When people aren’t media literate they just digest the information given to them for what it is and believe only what the media is telling them, which isn’t always the best. Another part of being media literate is being able to create media yourself. This could be in many different forms such as on social media, through a blog, or in an article. The term media literacy is learning how to analyze the media and form opinions about the topics discussed. Usually the opinions formed are then put into words and publicized for others to see. When writing about said topics the writing turns into a form of media itself and can be analyzed or evaluated in the same way. When learning media literacy it is important to focus on what the media is saying in your eyes and then being able to put it into words for others to comprehend.