What does this month hold for us?

Recap for February

First, please take a minute to pat yourselves on the back as you totally deserve it. I underestimated you all with a goal of $25,000. We ended February at $34,382.66!!!! Congratulations ladies!

Who's ready for some TOMs...

March is here and spring time is coming soon! I don't know about you, but I always want a new pair of shoes this spring.

Why not get a pair of TOMS? No, not TOMs like the abbreviation for our catalogs "Take Out Menu" but the shoes, where their mission is "With Every Pair You Purchase, TOMS Gives A New Pair Of Shoes To A Child In Need." With Origami Owl's mission to Be a Force For Good, I thought this was an appropriate prize for this month. If you are on my team, regardless where you are on my "family tree" you are eligible to enter.

To enter:
For every $250 in PV you get this month, from 3/1 til 3/31, you will earn one ticket for the drawing for a pair of Aqua color TOMS! You can pick between the metallic linen or the crochet. (see attached pictures) I am totally getting myself a pair!
Example: $1000 in PV equals 4 tickets for you, which is 4 chances to win!! Some of you have already earned a ticket ;) Great job!

This spring has all kinds of ideas blossoming and here are some great tips and ideas on selling lockets and how to really catapult your business.

  • First of all,really think about your goals with your OO business. How much time are you will to spend per week on it, and then talk to your Mentor about this, so that she can help you come up with a plan to maximize this time that you are willing to invest. Next, be creative with your lockets and how you want to sell them.
  • Come up with a theme locket and post it on your Instagram or Facebook. Are you doing a fundraiser? Build a locket that represents what the fundraiser is about.
  • Are you donating to a cause? Create a locket for the cause.
  • Are you going to a birthday party? Give a starter locket for the gift instead. Also, recommend these as gifts to people. When you are having your parties, ask your ordering guest, is there any birthdays coming up that you could take care of your shopping now and get her a unique and thoughtful gift?
  • Instead of wine or a plant to a housewarming, how about a Tag necklace with a key tag, or a locket with the key charm.
  • See if you can contact a sorority and do their sister lockets. Sports teams at a high school, to do spirit lockets.

The possibilities are endless, but think outside the box, and do not be afraid to just try.

Good luck with your business this month! If you need anything, you know where you can find me! Email, text or facebook message me!!

*If you haven't already, make sure to friend me on Facebook: Vanessa Ferrusca-Ramirez and if you send me a FB message please do so to this wall as I don't always get them from my fanpage wall.

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