How to Create a Demographic Group


Using Alpine Beta Version to Create a Demographic Group

Creating specific groups of students will help identify student needs within RtI discussions more efficiently. In order to create the student demographic group, perform the following steps:

1. At the myAlpine Home page, click on the "Groups" tab. (see image1)
2. In the top right quadrant, click on the "Demographics Groups Home" link in order to add a new group.
3. Click the green "+" symbol (see image 2) to create a new group.
4. Choose the desired measure to add your group in from the drop down menu, and then select "go."
5. In the first box, name the group. From there, narrow the data by selecting the desired demographic information from the drop down menus (see Image 3). It should be noted that different group selections will provide different options for selection.
6. Click save.
7. You will now see your created demographic group in your demographics groups home. To save this as a favorite, click on the grey heart next to the title of the "Demographics Groups Home" page.
8. Happy digging!

Jim Smith and Jeff Johnson