That Was Then This is Now


My note

I think the theme of friendship in this book is beautiful.

The authours note

S.E. Hinton intends to set a theme in That Was Then This is Now called friendship. The author makes the reader feel like there is a huge bond between Bryan and Mark, which there is, and lets the reader know the two of them are very close.

That was then, friendship comes now..

S.E. Hinton's very own, That Was Then This is Now has quite a few theses in it; One of the themes is known as "friendship."
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"Walking in the dark with a friend is better than walking with no one in the light." -Hellen Keller

i chose this quote becuase through out most of the book, Mark and Bryan stuck together and had each others backs no matter what. Mark and Bryan are bestfriends and both act like their brothers.

This is a song by a country artist named Luke Bryan. This song describes how Mark and Bryan are like brothers to each other. Even though the song is named blood brothers it perfectly describes Mark and Bryan.