Ant1-V3nom helps the Philippinnes

Saviors of the Philippinnes

Team Ant1-V3nom


Connor Large, the pilot and medical officer, is responsible for double checking the navigators flight plan and flying the plane. He is also responsible for handling the medical supplies.
Jadon Guthrie, the navigator is responsible for the flight plans. He must overcome flight advisories, and find the most efficient way to get to Tacloban, Philippines.
Elijah Pape is the load master and responsible for finding an efficient way to load the pallets. This includes complying the the demands of maximum size and weight.

Mission Goal

The mission goal was to save the people of Tacloban from diseases using vaccines and cures. This includes also stopping the spread of the disease by treating it for those who have it. Our goal was also to help those who were suffering from dehydration and hunger. Dropping food, water, blankets, and clothing (along with other items), they delivered much needed supplies that will help with recovery of homes and possessions. Dropping medical supplies also, we hoped that ground teams could help distribute them, and that's what they did.

Primary Objective

Our primary objective was saving the people in areas of catastrophic destruction. This includes helping them and treating their needs. We hopefully dropped off the supplies in areas where the people of Tacloban could reach them, and they would use them to their advantage.

Accomplishments (Manifest of supplies and time.)

The flight to Tacloban took only 31 hours and 55 minutes. We were also able to accomplished sending most or all necessities needed to survive and maintain good health to Tacloban. 7 packs of Medical Supplies should withstand most people with good health, and hopefully, ground teams can help. Our supplies weighed 20,700 lbs. and had took up 1,972 feet cubed.

How we got here

We were just waiting in science class for what we were going to do today, when our science teacher told us that we were going to fly a plane to the Philippines. First, we had to brief ourselves to get funding for our flight. After that, we did research of diseases

that might be spread after the typhoon hit. Then, we took the navigator examine, which tested our mental capability, and we got a 100 average, and we got complete control over flight map. After the Navigator's exam, we made team goals and a checklist of things accomplished. This helped us get a basic idea of what we were trying to accomplish. When we finished our checklist, we got loading the plane, but first, we had to make model pallets, allowing us to get a basic idea of requirements. We also made a flight plan that would get us from Houston to Tacloban in little over 30 hours. This plan made it easy to avoid Europe, where their were 2 hour delays at every airport. When we got back, we made this debriefing.

Successes and failures

Though their were no misconceptions, we did have to avoid North Korea, which made our flight a bit harder, but luckly, their were no other failures. We learned that Google Earth is interesting and Koreans are highly offended by airplanes.

Flight Route

Our flight route went from Houston to Las Angeles to Seatle Tacoma to Whittier Airport to
Savoonga Airport to Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky Airport to Fukushima Airport to Shanghai Airport finally to Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport. The flight Path can be seen below.


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Pallet dimensions

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Which supplies addressed our goal?

The medical supplies addressed our goal. This included the portable hospital and refrigerated medical chest. The food and water also helped addressed our goal by bringing help to the people who were starving and near death.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this assignment was to know that not all plans work, but the ones that do don't have to go to deep. When we got the Restrictions on flying around the world, it challenged us to find ways around problems and become more aware of our route. It was hard to know what the big goal is, but you have to work little piece by little pice to get a big whole. Having that in mind, Team Ant1-V3nom has succeeded in delivering supplies to Tacloban, Philippines in a humanitarian way, so we thank you, Mrs. Vandendyek