OVS Art with Mrs. Barry

Kindergarten through 12th Grade

Big picture

Thank you to everyone that came to open house and added a dot to our board!

The Dot - Summary

Through our explorations of The Dot, we got to talk about how we overcome challenges, who encourages us, how we encourage each other and what it means to try.

Here are some of the K-5 Dot creations:

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Elementary Art

Coming Up:


Will be beginning to discuss characteristics that describe them and images that could represent them.


Will be talking about place, where we live and creating passports.


Lines, lines, lines!

Middle School Art

No MS Art first quarter.

Middle School: Electives for MS begin 2nd quarter and I will be seeing each grade level for a quarter each week face to face.

High School Art

Art 1-2

Will be receiving the paper they need for their studio project that will need to be mostly completed at home.

Intro to Digital Design

Digital Design courses will be continuing the exploration and creation in Inkscape!