Henry Hudson

By Emily and Grace

His Voyage's

In 1609 he set off to the Netherlands.He had a crew of twenty. His son's name was John. John sailed with his dad on all four of his fathers voyages. He failed to find the Northwest Passage, because it doesn't exsist

Henry Hudson's Mutine

On Hudson fourth trip to find the Northwest Passage his crew got angry at him because they really wanted to go home, so they put Henry, his son, and seven other loyal crewmen out to sea with no oars, no food, and no clean water.____________________They were never herd from again!

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Fun Facts about Henry Hudson

  • No one knows when Hudson was born
  • He had three sons
  • His wife's name was Katherine
  • Katherine tried to have a monument for Henry, but failed to

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Made by: Emily Brewer, and Grace Cheney

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