Martin Luther King

A biography by: Katelyn W.

Basic Information

Martin Luther King born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15, 1929. His death was in April 1968. Some major events that happened to him when he was a kid was that his grandma died it was a traumatic time and he tried to commit suicide. Later he got married to Coretta Scott (an aspiring singer/musician) in June 1953. They had 4 kids. What really got him started in Civil Rights was when he was a kid and had to give up his seat on the bus for a white man. He said that he had never experienced such anger and rage.


Martin Luther King had a positive effect on people because he inspired people to treat all races equal. One event that definitely changed his life was when he had to give up his seat on a bus to a white person.I would describe his as peaceful, strong,and courageous. He got famous because he took risks and fought for what was right. He also helped start the Montgomery Bus Boycott. I chose Martin Luther King because I wanted someone who changed the world and he was the first person who came to mind. Martin Luther King is interesting he went through some hard times and made some incredible achievements. One thing I learned about him was that he tried to kill himself when he was younger.

Interesting Facts

Martin Luther King is famous for his "I Have A Dream" speech. Martin was killed by a man who was hiding in the bushes while he was out on his hotel balcony. Another fact about him is that when his grandma died he was at a parade he was supposed to be at, and that made it even harder on him. Also, did you know that Martin had one sister named Willie Christine.

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