The Good For You Reaturant

Chef Mattie

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Three Facts About Chef Mattie

Mattie's mother passed away.

Mattie enjoyed cooking with her mom and learned a lot from her.

She became chef of a restaurant while the boss was away.

She was still in school.

Intrests of the character

She loves to cook ever since she was kid.

She enjoys reading cook books to take her mind off of things.

She enjoys music and movies to distract her.


Shoofly Pie

Author Naomi Shihab Nye

Status Updates

Just got a new job.

I am a chef.

Added some new foods to the menu.

Wall Post

Johnny would say dang she thinks she can replace me and thinks she can make her own decisions.

Event Attended

She would probably visit a pie festival and make her delicious shoofly pie.

Menu Sample

Appetizers: Crab Cakes

Lunch: build you own sandwich

Dinner: Chicken and rice

Desert: Chocolate cake or pie