R.O.T Final Theme Project

By: Anna Pham

Growing Up

In the Book: Growing up is very hard for Cassie, Little Man, Christopher-John, and Stacey; they have to deal with more problems than we do, such as walking to school for more than a mile, racial prejudice, unfairness, money, etc.

Today: When you keep growing up and get older, there is more responsibility, but as you become a more mature person, you have more independence. When you're more independent, you'll find who you really are.

Family Relationships

Anybody can be family of yours; it doesn't matter if we're different or not; what matters most is that if we love each other and always count on that person for help, support, or anything that you need. You might have friends, step-parents, etc. that are different from you, such as race, gender, religion, culture, etc., but that doesn't mean that they're not your family.

Understanding and Empathy

If your family or people you know very well doesn't understand you deeply or emotionally, it's more irritating than a person you don't even know.

Law and Justice

Selma Movie - Glory Lyric Video

Racial Prejudice

Don't judge a book my it's cover. Everyone can accomplish something, not just a particular race can do something and the other race can't.