Trial On Ice

A story of Murder/Survival on the 1871 Polaris Expedition

What is this story about? (SPOILER!)

This novel is about an adventure named Charles Francis Hall, who wishes to be the first man at the North Pole. He goes on an adventure to the North Pole with his crew and plans to return with good health and news.But on the way to their destination, they get shipwrecked on an island and they have to have the natives help them survive for awhile. This novel shows adventures that put the men against the natural struggles and their own selves. This book was kind of boring but also very interesting.

Close reading skills.

Some close reading skills you will need is reading word for word. If you do not read the story word for word something will eventually not make sense. If you do read the story word for word, then everything will connect. Another close reading skill is understanding what you read. There are many complicated and big words in this story and you might have to find out what the words mean to actually understand the story. One last close reading skill is using context clues to figure out what a certain sentence or phrase may mean.