EDU 210 Apps

Apps For Education!

My Math Flash Cards App

This is a free app that can be used to help lower grades with basic math skills. This apps shows basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions then the user has to answer it. This would be good for homework because the questions are random every time and the students do not have to be in school to use it. The teacher could even make an assignment using the app where the students must do 5 questions, write down which questions they had to answer off the app, then write down the answer on a piece of paper then hand it in. App

Which education is becoming more rapidly technology based, it was only a matter of time before literature and other types of information found in books would also become electron, which is exactly what this app is. In English class, students use dictionaries a lot and often I found that students would have to wait because the school or the class had a limited supply. This app allows students to have their own personal dictionary with them wherever they go and they can use it whenever they wish.

Top Hat

Top Hat is an app which allows teachers to post questions and then student can answer them in a variety of formats (as selected by the teacher). This is a good way to engage students in the class because they answer anonymously, this way students who are shy or don't like talking don't have to. Also, when the students answer, it will be a great way for the teacher to determine where the class is struggling the most and can review the lesson on that, or, if they are cruel, help them decide which questions to put on the test.

ClassDojo and ClassDojo for Student

ClassDojo (teacher) and ClassDojo for Students (students) are apps that helps teachers to mediate classroom behavior. The teacher can make a class for the students to join, then the teacher can send the students information about their behavior in class with out other students knowing. The student and the teacher can share this information with parents. A teacher could use this for an activity too. The teacher can send the kids the information on their behavior in class, the get the students to write a paragraph on ways which they could improve their behavior.

Active School Apps

While looking for apps, I noticed a lot of school have what called Active School Apps. These are apps that the schools themselves have made solely for their own schools use. Most of these apps this allows students to receive news letters, the school news letter and stay up to date with what events happening around the school. All of these apps are different because they have been custom designed by the independent schools but a lot of them share some common features such as allowing allowing students to stay informed, communicate with teacher and other school staff and allowing the students to see their schedule. Having apps like this for schools would be a good way of helping students stay organized and could help promote certain functions that don't usually have a huge following.