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Coffee talk with Mr. Guzman

The 2019-2020 school year has been off to a great start! We have several initiatives underway with the following goals:

  • Targeting supports for each student—academically, socially, emotionally, and physically
  • Intentionally providing opportunities for student voice and leadership
  • Celebrating and recognizing students’ achievements, and reinforcing positive behavior

School security continues to be a priority and our Administration works closely with the Middlesex Police Department to ensure we are providing a safe and secure environment for our students and staff.

Increasingly, in the adult world, the workplace requires ID badges for all employees. Middlesex School District already requires teachers and staff to wear an ID badge while on campus. Extending the use of ID badges to students was a logical next step. One of the benefits is enhanced school security. Student IDs will help everyone identify students, staff members, and visitors. Know at a glance if someone is on campus who doesn’t belong there. Eventually, we are looking to track attendance by using ID badges to check in/out of the classroom and track student movement by using ID badges to check into the nurse’s office, guidance office, etc.

This year Middlesex High School has adopted new protocols to ensure a continued safe school environment. These new protocols were designed to enrich safety among students and staff around Middlesex. Student IDs and lanyards will help everyone distinguish between students and grade level, staff, visitors and substitutes.

Every student is required to have a photo ID card each time they enter and exit the building, each time that they enter the cafeteria, library, and each time that they receive books (all of which are tracked using student ID cards). They will also be used as a debit card for lunch.

All students must have a student ID card and are expected to carry this card with them while attending school and school events i.e. dances, battle of the classes events.

Parents your help is necessary by enforcing your child to wear their lanyards to school everyday. Your assistance and understanding of the importance of our lanyards will help provide our school with a safer environment.

PEER Connections

Thank you Mr. Schmitt and PEER Connection Students for your support of our new students. The Peer connections program has been designed to serve as a peer to peer support system to provide our incoming ninth-graders and new students a successful transition.
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News & Notes

Back to School Night starts at 6:15 pm in the Auditorium on September 26th. In addition to meeting the teachers and administrators, some of our clubs and activities will be set up in the cafeteria so you can learn more about them. Encourage your students to get involved in school, there is something for everyone.

Remind your students to listen for announcements and check out fliers posted in the hallways if they are interested in joining clubs and activities.

School picture day is coming up on September 18th.

Student Emergency Information forms were sent out with schedules at the end of the summer. Please be sure that you have reviewed the form and made any corrections. Students need to return this form to their homeroom teachers. These forms are important in the event there is an emergency and we need to contact the family.

A few reminders as we settle in to the new school year:

Students who are leaving early need to bring a note to the Main Office in the morning so that a pass can be provided to them and they can leave class to meet their parent in the office. If a student is walking, driving or being picked up by someone other than a parent, that information will need to be included in the note.

Did You Know?

The Blue Jay, the symbol and mascot of Middlesex High School, was the choice of its first administration, Principal Roland Lindwald and Assistant Principal Ruth Hueston. The two administrators selected the Blue Jay because of its scrappy and feisty ways.


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