The Giver

Abigail Tanis/ Louis Lowry

Book Summary

There's no such thing as color, your blinded by what your used to when you enter this alternate community. All members of the community are assigned their destines. there's no such thing as feelings, especially love. People of the community are treated like dolls, there thrown away when they are old and should no longer be in use, released and the owner of these dolls are the Elders. However, who gets to hold all these memories that were taken away? The giver, when his time comes to give up his position as the receiver of memory he trains Jonas, a member of the 12s who has been chosen to take his place. Through the practices Jonas experiences memories that sooth him and some that make him unhappy and disturbed. The chief elder's suspicions grows high as she goes over Jonas's activity which consists of Jonas kissing his friend Fiona and attempting to pass on memories to others. One day Jonas makes the decision of a lifetime, he decides to go ahead and spread the memories by travelling passed the boundary where all memories are controlled. With the company of an infant named Gabriel they make their way passed the boundary. With the obstacles of helicopters, guards, starvation, coldness, and thirst they manage to stay alive through Jonas's memories. Luckily, all the pain they go through turns into a positive, they reach passed the boundary. All memories are regained by the people of the community, sadly Gabe and Jonas don't return back to the community. Instead they wound up in Elsewhere to start a new adventure.

Main Character- Jonas

Jonas is a regular male member of the twelves who gets chosen as the receiver of memory in the ceremony of the twelves. He faces isolation, pain, comfort, love, and sadness as the Giver passes on the memories. To add on to his list of problems, he discovers what release is (which is the killing of people). He decides to spread memories to everyone.

  • Jonas is...Nice- Because he tries to spread his happy memories to everyone
  • Caring- He thinks that everyone deserves to have the memories he as
  • Daring/ Brave- Because he wants to break the boundary where all memories all controlled
  • Tough- survived a great dealing of hunger, lack of warmth, and thirst.


Quote- " You can stop can change things."


  1. Why do you think Jonas didn't return back to the community?
  2. Do you think the chief leader will try to control all the memories again?
  3. If you were put into the community, will you try to rebel against the rules or follow the rules and blend in with the others?


Overall I give this book a four out of five stars, the only reason I didn't give it five stars was because the book ended horribly! I was rooting for Fiona and Jonas, plus I wanted to see how the people of the community reacted to the memories. However I liked the fact that they wound up in Elsewhere where they can start a new adventure.
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