The Diary of Anne Frank

Peter Van Daan

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Peter Van Daan Biography

Peter was born on the 8th of November, 1926 in Osnabrück, near the Dutch border. Peter did not have any brothers and sisters. He lived in the annex with the Frank family until they were captured. He survived the selection at Auschwitz. Peter then died in Mauthausen, a concentration camp he was registered in.

The Importance of Family, Even In Tough Times

In The Diary of Anne Frank, the theme, "the importance of family, even in tough times." There were many times when this theme was expressed in the play. For example, there was a scene when Anne had a nightmare, and Anne's mother, Mrs. Frank, says," Hush darling, hush. It's all right,"( page 397-398). Even though the family was in a tough situation, Mrs. Frank still tried to comfort Anne, even when Anne didn't want her to. Another example of the importance of family, even in tough times shown in the play is when the Frank family lets Mr. Dussel come live with them, even though the house was very small for all of those people. During the play, there was a short conversation between the Van Daans, and Mrs. Van Daan says," what's going on?" And Mr. Van Dann replies back," someone's moving in with us." And then she says," In here? You're joking." ( page 391). This shows the reader that the house isn't very big, but they still let one more person move in, and then he was accepted into there family.

Hate Is Still Present Within The Play Where There Really Shouldn't Be

In the Diary of Anne Frank, the theme " a little hate still lingers within the household, when there really shouldn't be. During the play, Dussel says, " It doesn't need to be the cat, his chothes are enough," (page 405). Dussel is showing hate towards Peter's cat, which is also hate towards Peter. Dussel is stressing way to much over these things because these events are shouldn't be that important because the Franks let him stay with them, so he shouldn't be worrying about this, they didn't have to let him stay. He could be at a concentration camp or even dead. Another
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Symbol Paragraph

The person I have chosen is Peter and the thing that represents him is his cat. At the beginning of the play, Peter hardly came out of his room because if this cat. He was constantly in there, feeding this cat or just keeping him company. This cat represents Peter because this cat was basically his life for most of the play. Also, Mr. Dussel and Mr. Van Daan both wanted the cat gone but Peter defended his cat so he wouldn't go.


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