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Parent-Family Newsletter - January 3, 2022

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January 3 - School Resumes

January 7 - Flex Friday

January 10 - 2 Hr Late Start

January 14-17 Wolf Ridge (Grades 9-10)

January 17 - No School

January 20 - Last Day of Semester 1

January 21 - No School - Teacher Grading Day

Two Hour Late Starts

The school board approved additional two hour late starts to the school calendar in the upcoming months. This time will be used for professional development for staff to better meet the needs of our students.
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Flex Friday - Part III, January 7

We wanted to make sure that all families were aware that this Friday, January 7, is a Flex Friday. We had great results with the first two Flex Days and we are excited to provide this time for extra help and enrichment.

Future Flex Fridays will take place on the Fridays before the two-hour late starts as listed in the graphic above.

What is Flex Friday

An alternative schedule that will provide our teachers additional opportunities to help students learn material that they may be struggling with, complete missing labs, learning experiences, and re-tests. This Flex time will also provide enrichment experiences for students that do not need to complete re-assessments or makeup work.

How Does Flex Friday Work

Teachers are currently selecting students they would like to see for a Flex period. Starting on

Tuesday, students will then have the opportunity to sign up for Flex periods. This registration process can all be done through the Infinite Campus Portal and students will be brought through how to do this during their classes and also during advisory/homeroom this week.

How Will the Schedule Work

We will have periods 1-4 on Friday followed by two flex periods. Then students will have periods 5-8 on the 2-hour late start Monday. Flex Period 1 goes from 1:05-2:05 and Flex Period 2 will be from 2:09-3:09.

Juniors and Seniors

We also wanted to note that juniors and seniors will have the option to be released from school at 12:15 PM. These students can qualify to leave early if they are passing all of their classes with no grades lower than a C.

A copy of the bell schedule for Friday can be accessed via the link below.

Thank you for taking a minute to read through the information on Flex Friday. We hope this alternative schedule will provide an opportunity to deliver personalized learning experiences and tailor instruction to exactly what each student needs. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Thank you!

Kevin Krenz ,TMS Assistant Principal

(507) 418-7510

Luke Lutterman, TMS-THS Principal

(507) 418-7520

Staying Connected

Triton High School communicates regularly through social media. Please check out the following accounts.

Facebook - @WeAreTriton, @tritonpublicschools

Twitter - @TritonCobras, @LukeLutterman, @CobraCounselor, @shanevan_beek, @schlich92

Instagram - @cobra_kindness, @cobracounselor

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End of Semester One Reminders

The end of the semester can be a very exciting time and also a very stressful time. It is always appreciated when families connect with their children and discuss current levels of learning and what needs to be done before the end of the semester. Any parents needing Infinite Campus grade book access are encouraged to contact the high school office. Parents are also encouraged to reach out to any teachers as questions arise. We want to make sure and communicate in advance to promote a partnership established in trust and accountability and we want to avoid surprises at the end of the grading period.

Friday, January 21 (3:30 PM) - Semester one grades will be available in Infinite Campus

Monday, January 24 - Report cards mailed

Friday, February 4 - Incompletes must have a grade assigned

Students in current activities with a failing grade "F" at the semester will be ineligible to compete until Saturday, February 5. Students with an incomplete will be ineligible until Saturday, February 5, or until they receive a passing grade.

Please contact Mr. Lutterman with questions.

Mr. Lutterman - THS Principal

(507) 418-7520

National TikTok Trends

Many of you are probably aware of another recent social media trend against schools. This trend included numerous schools across the nation receiving threats of violence on December 17. We wanted to communicate that law enforcement and school administration were aware of this trend and did not receive news of any threats within our school or the surrounding school communities.

This is a great reminder and opportunity to talk with your children about the appropriate use of social media and the seriousness and resulting consequences of making any kind of threat. Students participating in online threatening or harassing behaviors will receive consequences that may include suspensions, expulsion, or criminal charges.

Encourage your children to continue to speak up if they see or hear something so immediate action can be taken. In addition, if anyone in our community sees something suspicious, please report it to the school immediately or call local law enforcement.

We appreciate your ongoing engagement and support.

Beyond HS Day

On December 23, Triton High School conducted Beyond High School Day. This special experience presented many opportunities for our students to learn more about potential careers and educational programs. This meaningful learning experience is part of our commitment to ensuring that all students are prepared for life post-high school.

The day featured over twenty-five career-based speakers and presentations. The speakers were from the areas of health sciences, law enforcement, education, construction, manufacturing, mechanics, military, music, law, animal science, agriculture, business, hospitality, HR, art, and computer science.

The highlight of the day was welcoming twenty Triton graduates back to speak to the students about their post-high school experiences.

Thank you to all the industry leaders and former students for making this experience possible.

Snow Days

In the event of future snow days, we will follow the plan as listed below.

Next Snow Day

Our calendar is built to support three snow days. We had our first day off due to COVID case increases in November. Our second snow day was used on Friday, December 10. The next snow day will be a traditional snow day. That means students will not have attendance or new assignment expectations. They can always go back and work on previous assignments or work to get caught up.

Additional Snow Days

Any additional snow days after three allotted will be Asynchronous Days.

  1. Student should log into their Infinite Campus Portal to submit their attendance.
  2. Academic work will be posted to Schoology (THS) or Google Classroom (TMS) by 10:00 AM.
  3. Teachers will also post an online meeting to answer questions from 10 AM - 12 PM.

COVID Update

On December 27, the CDC announced it is updating its guidance on isolation and quarantine to include criteria for when shortened time periods can be applied. We will be sure to communicate Safe Learning Plan Updates once we receive additional guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Department of Health. We anticipate additional guidance to come out sometime this week. At that point, our local COVID Team will meet to discuss potential changes and bring recommendations for changes forward.

As always, feel free to reach out to your respective school office with any questions or concerns.

Thank you!


Click the button to view COVID 19 case information at Triton Public Schools.

New Scoreboards!

The new East Gym scoreboards have been installed. We are very excited about this much-needed upgrade.

This purchase was made possible by our generous scoreboard corporate sponsors. Their generosity and support are greatly appreciated.

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