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March 2018

Florida Standards Assessments

It’s almost that time of year for students to begin taking the Florida Standards Assessments. All students at LAJH will take their first Writing Assessment on Tuesday-March 6, 2018. Please make sure that your child is in attendance on testing days, or your child may not receive a score for a particular subject for the current school year. FSA scores are used to help with the placement of students into standard, advanced, and remedial core classes for the next or upcoming school year. Take a look at the testing schedule below for other test days.

LAJH Test Schedule

FSA WTG (7/8 Grades): March 6

FSA ELA (7th Grade): April 17-18

FSA ELA (8th Grade): April 24-25

Science (8th Grade): May 1

FSA Math (7th Grade): May 1-2

FSA Math (8th Grade): May 8-9

Algebra/Geometry: May 8-9

Civics (7th Grade): May 10

*Teachers will begin testing procedures after morning announcements. (approximately 9:40am)

Test Preparation Tips

Students, make sure to...

1. Wear comfortable clothing.

2. Eat a good breakfast the morning of the test. Avoid eating sugary foods. High-protein foods like scrambled eggs are often best for aiding concentration and minimizing fatigue.

3. Get a full night’s sleep before the test. A lack of sleep will affect your performance.

4. Don’t panic. If you start getting anxious, take slow deep breaths. Don’t worry about other people finishing early. Smart people know to use all available time to double-check their work.

5. Most of all, DO YOUR BEST!

Dates to Remember

3/9: 3rd Quarter Ends

3/12- 3/16: Spring Break (No School)

3/19: Teacher Planning Day (No School)

3/23: Report Cards Posted Online

3/30: Good Friday (No School)

Irish-American Heritage Month

During the month of March in the United States, Americans recognize the contributions of Irish-Americans. The heritage month was first celebrated in 1991, and is in March to coincide with Saint Patrick's Day, the Irish national holiday on March 17. From the founding fathers to innovative transportation, arts and culture, Irish immigrants for generations left deep roots in the American landscape. Learn more about famous Irish-Americans by clicking on the link below.

LAJH Art Contest

The Renaissance Committee at LAJH is celebrating Irish-American Heritage Month by sponsoring an art contest for students. The theme of artwork entered should focus on Irish-American Heritage. Students can only submit one original piece of artwork. The drawing or painting must be...

-Two-dimensional medium including:

-Drawing (pencil, ink, crayon, etc.),

-Painting (pastel, watercolor, spray paint, oils, etc.)

-The size of the artwork may vary from 8"x11" to 12"x18”.

-Artwork may not be drawn from any existing artwork (photograph, advertisement, etc.)

-Provide a paragraph describing what your artwork is about.

*1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive a deluxe art kit, school T-shirt and cinch sack.

*All entries for the LAJH Art or Essay contests should be turned into the Guidance Office, and are due by Friday-March 23, 2018.

LAJH Essay Contest

Women's History Month is also celebrated during March and the Renaissance Committee is sponsoring another essay contest to honor extraordinary women from our Sunshine state.

Prompt: Using several sources with varying points of view, write about a prominent woman from Florida and her contributions or influence on our society. Write your essay in a way that encourages the reader to continue to explore the topic further. Essays must be typed and no longer than 500 words. You can also click on the link below for a list of prominent women from Florida and read about their contributions to American society. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive a visa gift card, school T-shirt and cinch sack.

*All entries for the LAJH Art or Essay contests should be turned into the Guidance Office, and are due by Friday-March 23, 2018.

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