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Staying Connected

So Much Going On in O2!

Hi Team! It was so good to be able to see so many of you at convention! Those of us who had the opportunity to go to convention had our minds blown with all the new jewelry, the incentive trip, health insurance benefits offered, the O2 Virtual Academy, and tons of inspiration and motivation to get our business kick-started! But no worries if you weren't there, because we want to share all we've learned so you don't miss a beat either!

I Plan to have a team conference call this Thursday evening at 6:00 pm (pst) to give you a re-cap of important upcoming events and dates! I'm still trying to decide on the best method, as I have a lot of slides I could share you as well! So, still working on the technology learning curve right now, but I will be sure to post more information on facebook-please be watching!

One of the most powerful tools for your O2 business is communication and making sure you have the right information as well as being able to pass it on to your teams and customers. Make sure to stay connected with our facebook page ( as it is an excellent way to stay up-to-date with all of our awesome designers who are always ready to help answer questions! Also, as you grow and add to your team, remember to add them to the fb page-that way I know they are with you and can get them approved quickly! ;)

Another great tool for your new designers is my mentor, Beth Blemaster's website that walks designers through important documents for getting started: - Please make sure you only give this to designers that are completely registered! Thank you!

One final tool- entice your potential recruits with this awesome video that was introduced at convention:

This is such a great tool to start using today!!


Exclusively for those who "did not" attend convention: The first designer to personally sponsor two new designers this month (and who texts me first) will receive some exclusive O2 convention goodies! (a brand new cup, a handy case with to do notes and order pad, sticky notes, and magnets-all in our beautiful O2 colors and designs!)

Exclusively for those who "did" attend convention: The first designer to personally sponsor two new designers this month (and who texts me first) will receive a striped make-up bag that would be great for carrying a "to go" stash of jewelry bar items in your purse, car, or work desk! (There may be a few more goodies in there as well!)

Celebrating our Success

July Rockstars


Amy Phippin from Tucson, AZ (sponsored by Brittney Bookmiller)

Jeannie Davis from Vail, AZ (sponsored by Paula Wade)


Teresa Espinel-Leading Designer

Paula Wade-Leading Designer

Top PV

1. Sandi Thomas- $1030.90

2. Angela Vomacka- $734.50

3. Linda McMillan- $730.70

July is a challenging month between summer vacations and other family and work obligations, but you guys hung in there and did a great job! So proud of your accomplishments. Remember, now is the best time to recruit and bring people along on the Origami Owl adventure-especially since we're about to hit our craziest selling season! With all the new products and incentives, we have all the reason to share the O2 Love and be a Force for Good!

Have a Great August!!

Don't hesitate to reach out to your mentors with questions. I'm also available and would love to talk with you on goals, growing your business, or any other questions you may have. I'm best reached by text at the number below. Accountability and connection are key ingredients for accomplishing our goals!! Let's do this together!

Cami Ryan