Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Graphic Novels

Lyndsi, Stefanie, and Jen K.


Imaginative, yet believable
Events, setting, or characters outside the realm of possibility
Theme holds a story together
Allows readers to safely explore alternative worlds

Types of Fantasy

  • Modern Folktales

  • Animal Fantasy

  • Personified Toys & Objects

  • Supernatural & Mystery Fantasy

  • Historical Fantasy

  • Quest Fantasy

Science Fiction Elements

Unreal things happen in a future world
  • Based on scientific principles or technology

  • Suggests predictions about the future

  • Provides comments about important social issues

  • Takes place in future, outer space, or another planet

  • Time travel

  • Space travel

  • Mad scientists

  • Robots

  • Aliens

Graphic Novels

Golden Age of Comics: June 1938, Action Comics #1
-Superman = the ultimate immigrant

Atomic Age (late 40’s - mid 50’s)
-Horror, monsters, aliens

Silver Age (mid 50’s - early 70’s)

-Resurgence of superheroes (Flash, Green Lantern)

Bronze Age (early 70’s - c. 80)

-Comics Code begins to subside

Modern Age (c. 1980 - present)

-Superheroes dealing with moral ambiguity