for Ramadan at Deira City Center by Dubai Art Fans Artists

Mona Al-Assaad

"Freelance Artist, born in Lebanon, founder of DAF and Citizen of the world".

Nada Al-Aassaad

"Arabic Calligraphy Artist, Sportswoman and Diplomat. LEBANESE/FINISH".

Sana Merchant

"Arabic Calligraphy Artist, Art Institution Manager and a lovely soul".

Mousab Doure

"Arabic Calligraphy Artist and Teacher" from Iraq. Teaching in the Arabic Calligraphy Center in Sharjah".

AbdulHamid Al-Attar

AbdulHamid, Palestinian Artist born and raised in the UAE. World Explorer and mounteneer. Journalist, painter and photographer among many other talents. His last photo collection was taken in India inspired by very old mosques around the world.

Batool Jafri

"Contemporary Artist/painter, Her Hijab stands on her head nothing short of a crown on a queen's head, honorable mom from Pakistan".

Samar Kamel

"Skilled Artist/painter especially with Portraits talent, Sportswoman and Trendy Mom from Egypt Umm Al-Duniya".

Farah Al-Damour

Artist and University Student Jordanian. Her skill in Photo and Painting mixed media are absolutely fascinating! She is passionate about mixing Arabic calligraphy with images of mosques.

Nisreen Bashnak

"Top Pop Artist/painting and Photography, Social Media Queen and UM-Cute-SAM mom" from Mona's Country...Land of the Oldest Cedar Trees".
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