Stanford University

The Cardinals

Street Adress & Information:

450 Serra Mall,Stanford CA 94305
Stanford University located in Stanford,California.

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School Traditions:

Some school traditions are:
The Primal Scream: This happens during dead week of each quarter at midnight each day. Students let loose their inner anguish over finals by yelling out their windows at the top of their lungs. Screams are loud enough to be heard across campus.
Assassins: Each dorm sets different rules, but generally each participant gets a different target from their room and must assassinate their target with a water gun without any of their dorm mates witnessing the kill.
Full Moon on The Quad: Occurs during the middle of Fall on the night of the full moon. Traditionally, Seniors kiss Freshman and give them a rose, though presently members from all grades tend to kiss each other freely.

Things on Campus !

School Mascot!

Stanford's school mascot is The Cardinals.


In-state and Out-state: $14,230


Escondido South:
2 Bedroom,1 Bath, 2 People:$1,006
4 Bedroom,1 Bath,4 People:$678
Escondido Village:
1 bedroom,1 Bath, 2 People:$628
Study, 1 Bath, 1 People:$1265

Meal Plans !

19 Meals A week: $5,516
5 Meals A Week: $1,645

Stanford Sports !

Men: Baseball, Soccer, Olympics, Water Polo, Wrestling, Gymnastics, and many more.

Women: Sync Swimming, Volleyball, Water Polo, Basketball, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, and more....

Enrollment Undergraduate !

Total Enrollment:18,217 and 7,063 of those are Undergraduates.

GPA/SAT/ACT Scores !

GPA: "A" average
SAT:2100 above
ACT: Above 30

Stanford University President !

John Hennessy
10th President