School in Poland

Anna, Aafke & Anja

A schoolday in Poland

Polish teenagers sitting between 12 and 13 years at school. Including the basic school. The last 3 years are gymnasium. At the end of this they will make an examination. If they succeed they get a diploma. The lessons are beginning at 8 or 9 in the morning. It ends at 1 or 3 in the afternoon. The lessons are during 45 minutes. And the lunchbreak is an half our. Private schools are other than public schools. They are having an hour for lunchbreak and they are most of the time in the city.

Polish school

The schoolyear starts at September the first and ends on the last Friday of Juny.

Lower vocational education , two-year (PL : Szkoła zawodowa - similar to the Dutch VMBO ) Secondary vocational education , four-year (PL : technikum
Comparable to the Dutch MBO level 1.2 or secondary school all profiles and professions) General secondary education , three-year (PL : liceum - comparable to the Dutch HAVO+VWO.