Fox-MC's Social Media Intiative

Newsletter 1: Getting Started

Welcome to Fox-MC

Fox-MC is a smart firm that stays up to date with what is relevant in today’s world. As a result, we are very involved with social media and the maintenance of our online presence. This is why we encourage you to follow us on all social media platforms.

We believe that knowing how to use social media for a brand is vital for success in business. Social media (especially the Fox-MC platforms) can be used to network to students, alumni, and professionals. As a result, we are requesting that you send us all the social media handles you would like to use professionally by completing this form ( ) or by emailing them to Debora Charmelus (

To start off this initiative we are requesting that you send Debora ( a NON-confidential comment on your project. 1-2 sentences is the perfect length.

Recently, we have created a new social media initiative called #askfoxmc. Please take the time to learn more about this by visiting :

We would like to help you maximize your online personal brand. If you have any questions on how to increase your social media presence as a professional or why social media is so important, please feel free to use the hashtag #askfoxmc or email Debora Charmelus.

Throughout the semester you will be receiving emails from Debora, encouraging you to engage with the site and submit original content. We look forward to a productive year online with you all.