2016 Non-Public "Virtual" Tech Camp

Building Your Online Environment

New Online Format!

This professional development session will be conducted in an online format using the Canvas Learning Management System. Each participant will have the chance to move through the workshop at their own pace while receiving 6 hours of credit. The same as attending our 1 day PD workshop. You will receive instructions to sign into the course prior to the start. The course will be open from July 20-August 3. You can move through at your own pace! Get your PD at the beach, at your home, or at your local coffee shop!

Building Your Online Environment

The 2016 Summer Technology Camp is themed, "Building Your Online Environment". As we continue to use technology to engage students online to is important to take the time to structure our learning environment to ensure student success and engagement. The topics below will be highlighted.

  • Blended Learning Models
  • Quality Resources for Instruction
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Student Readiness

Teachers will be given the chance to start preparing materials to get ready for the upcoming school year.


How do I get started?

Prior to the online workshop you will be emailed specific instructions on how to get started and a list of expectations. If you do not get the information please contact Josh Hanlon.

What if I struggle using the technology or getting started?

On July 21st at 10am the instructor will be available at the DCIU for you to come in and help get you started if you feel you need assistance. This is optional. You can also make another appointment.

Do I need to come to the DCIU at all?

No, you can take this workshop anytime anywhere between July 20-August 3.

What can I expect?

The online workshop will contain instructor created video presentations, online resources, and other engaging materials.

How will I get credit?

Using the log in information from the management system we will be able to collect evidence that you were "virtually present". We will also ask that you participate in the online discussions.

Is there a grade?

You will not be graded on any work you do. You will be asked to participate in online discussions and mini assignments. You will get lots of feedback and coaching that you can utilize as you continue to integrate technology.

Why is the workshop being done online?

As you work hard in your classroom to provide "anytime anywhere" access to your students we want to empower teachers to experience the same benefits and accommodate their schedules.

My administrator is concerned with me taking a workshop online how do I address this?

Online, face-face, and blended you get out what you put in to the workshop. You can disconnect mentally when you are physically present just the same way you can disconnect when you are virtually present.



  • Who: Non-public school teachers and administrators in Delaware County
  • Where :https://dciu.instructure.com
  • When: July 20-August 3