Silent Killer

The Investigation

For years, this silent killer has eluded authorities. All across the world mysterious deaths have been occurring.

Cases of Mercury Poisoning

It's a Family Affair

Five members were all inflicted with different symptoms, but all of the same cause... Mercury. The mother suffered the most significant symptoms: night sweats, weight loss, pain in the extremities, cardiac arrest, and ultimately death. Her blood mercury level was 518 micrograms per deciliter, the normal range is 0-10 micrograms per deciliter. Her son exhibited different symptoms: gingival pain, headaches, and numbness in the extremities. Luckily this victim got away with his life, unlike his mother.

This all started when the son came home with unidentified putt substance, from school. It was later identified as the killer; Mercury. Unsuspecting, but deadly.

Battery be Prepared

The next case was of a bother and sister. The brother suffered pain in his legs, neck, and abdomen. The sister suffered abdominal, extremity pain, and dermal eruptions. The killer was in an unsuspecting form. Something we all have in our homes, batteries.


  • An element that has deadly affects.
  • Elemental Mercury: less toxic than organic or inorganic.
  • Metallic Mercury: lipophilic and is stored in fatty tissues.
  • Methylmercury: is the most predominate form of organic mercury. It usually attacks through fish consumption.
  • A master of disguise, Mercury has been spotted in several different personas: silvery-white, shiny, fast moving, liquid.
  • Alias: Liquid Silver

E(elemental) B(Bureau) of I(Investigation)

Saving you from the silent killers