Zachary T. Rylee

The Waffle Lover

Who I am

My name is Zachary T. Rylee, and this is who I am.

Interests : My interests include, anime, video games, and directing movies.(AND LOVES WAFFLES!!!)

Skills: My skills are acting, singing, drawing, writing and making storylines for my friend's video games.

Values: My values are my family and God.

Extra Extra: My self-esteem is high and I like to learn by things being drawn for me.

"Why Should All There Things Be Considered When Choosing A Career?"- A really smart person. I'll anwser that question with a question, "What career will you need this for?"

What I'm Going To Be and How I'll Get There

I'm going to be a Zoologist. I'm going to make a annual salary of $57,710.I'm going to have to go to college for 4 years and get a bachelor's degree and i'm going to the University of Arkansas so i'll be close to home.


Well this is my flyer on me I hope you enjoyed and I'll see ya next time bye bye!!!