Factory Life

Life in the 1830s

Factory Life in the 1830s was an unpleasant experience. During that time, the factories needed people to work for them. They believed that the women were more better than the men at working. They work for about 13 hours a day. They would only have 30 minutes for breakfast and lunch break. While working for many days, the owners would lower their profit. Children were forced to work.Even, if they were sick or injured. They worked 3 extra hours more than their elders. Their profit was much less, or they wouldn't get paid at all. When a boy or girl were to be late, they would give them discipline. For an example, if they were late or not doing their job, they would put a heavy weight on their neck and had to be walking around the aisles of the factory. The other children were to be looking to see how it will be if the instructions weren't being followed. Many of them were beaten badly, abused by their owners. The machines had no safety precautions. They would have infections, cuts, sickness, or death.