Online Dating Tips for Older Men

Sally Webb

Things you should know about online dating

I’ve had my fair share of Online Dating Tips for Older Men – yep I’ve had the experience where my date sat across me eating too fast until one piece of risotto came out of his nose (Sorry, tmi at the beginning of article already). And whether or not you’re new to this, wanting to try but never get around to it, or just wondering whether or not online dating is even worth it, you need to know some truths to prepare you for this.

For a start, online dating is different from real life. In real life, you see the person’s appearance first, you then proceed to hear them talk. And if their appearance turns you off within the first three minutes, you’ll hear ‘la la la la la’ and nothing else. But with online dating, the first thing you see is their online profile. Appearance can be photoshopped and so you won’t know for sure whether or not the hunk you anticipate to meet is actually 4 feet tall (yes, another one of my experience). You then (if you are a woman) analyse his profile and match it to the invisible checklist you have i.e. is he marriage material, does he look nice, whether or not he says he loves children, pets, etc. And this is all before you even say a word to each other.

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Dating & Relationships

If you think of dating as your way to learn about another person and about yourself without risking anything, it can be fun — go for coffee or a walk or dinner with someone new, talk, see what you both enjoy discussing and doing. It’s when you think of dating as auditioning a potential soulmate that it becomes fraught with anxiety, unpleasantness, and emotional danger.

Dating Older Men

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