Willy Wonka's Debut

Factory Opening to 5 lucky winners!

The Scrumdiddlyumptious Day Is Approaching!

"I, Willy Wonka, have decided to allow five children- just five, mind you, and no more-to visit my factory this year. These lucky five will be shown around personally by me, and they will be allowed to see all the secrets and the magic of my factory. Then, at the end of the tour, as a special present, all of them will be given enough chocolates and candies to last them for the rest of their lives! So watch out for the Golden Tickets! Five Golden Tickets have been printed on golden paper, and these five Golden Tickets have been hidden underneath the ordinary wrapping paper of five ordinary candy bars. These five candy bars may be anywhere- in any shop in any street in any town in any country in the world- upon any counter where Wonka's candies are sold. And the five lucky finders of these five Golden Tickets are the only ones who will be allowed to visit my factory and see what it's like now inside! Good luck to you all, and happy hunting! (Signed Willy Wonka.)"

Willy Wonka Factory Opening to Golden Ticket Winners

Saturday, Feb. 1st, 10am

Bournville, Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

On this day, and no other, you must come to the factory gates at ten o'clock sharp in the morning. Don't be late! And you are allowed to bring with you either one or two members of your own family to look after you and to ensure that you don't get into mischief. One more thing-be certain to have your ticket with you, otherwise you will not be admitted.
Ive Got A Golden Ticket