IP Addresses, MAC Addresses

Packets and Protocols

IP Addresses

An IP address is a numerical label assigned to different computers and printers, they are involved within a computer network that uses an internet protocol, (we'll get onto that later). The IP address has two functions, one to be a host and they other to be the location of the addressing. To the right you will see the IP addresses in binary.

MAC Addresses

The MAC address is a unique value associated with a network adapter. MAC addresses are also known as hardware addresses or physical addresses. They uniquely identify an adapter on a LAN.MAC addresses are 12-digit hexadecimal numbers (48 bits in length).


A packet is a unit of data, this data is carried round the computer in packets, it is a form of the communication within the computer.A packet consists of two kinds of data: control information and user data (also known as payload).


A protocol is a digital messaging format within a computer. It exchanges messages to make communication easier.