Child Abuse Brochure Project

Ms. Carroll and Mrs. Ortega's Classes

Project Overview

While reading The Lottery Rose you will design a brochure on child abuse. You will research current newspaper articles and laws in order to find information on your brochure. The purpose of the brochure is to provide factual data on child abuse in order to persuade an audience to actively fight for the rights of children.

Book and Web Resources

We have pulled some very helpful books for your class. They are on our reserved shelf in the library and you can use them while you are researching. Click here to search the library if you would like to look for a different book.

There are also several website listed below that will help you with your research.

Citing Your Sources

Make sure you write down the websites and book titles you use for your research. You will need to include this on your brochure when you are working on it at home later.

Project Requirements

1. Case Example

Georgie will be your "poster child" or case example. Therefore, you will write a brief narrative about him and include a picture.

The following websites have copyright-free images. That means you don't need to cite them. If you get something from a different website, you will need to cite it.

2. Factual Data

You must also research articles to find statistics on child abuse in the United States, North Carolina and Davidson County. These statistics will provide your factual data. The statistics you choose to include must provide relevant support for your persuasive argument. You may want to include a pie graph, chart or table of statistics.

United States Statistics:

Kids (California)

Joyful Heart Foundation

North Carolina Statistics:

Prevent Child Abuse NC

NC Division of Social Services

Davidson County Statistics

Partnership for Children (scroll down to page 10)

DCHDNC (scroll down to page 46)

3. Role of Social Services

In addition to these topics, you must describe the procedure Social Services follows when contacted by a caller.

NC Department of Social Services

American Humane

Social Work Today

4. Resolution

You must describe the resolution or options of the abused child once he/she is turned over to the state. In other words, what action is taken to ensure the future safety of the child - new home, family or counseling?

Kids Matter (See Guardianship, Kinship and Foster Care links on the left side)

Safe Horizon

Child Welfare

Legal Consequences

5. Persuasive Argument

In addition to the factual research, you must also write up a brief persuasive argument encouraging citizens to become more active against child abuse. Your argument should reflect your ability to defend an issue you believe in. You must convenience your audience to care as much as you do about child abuse.

Read, Write, Think (Help with Persuasive Writing)

6. Real Case Example

In addition to presenting Georgie Burgess as your "poster child," you will select another real case scenario that you find from a periodical (article) to use as a second "poster child". Write a brief narrative account of case and include a picture.

Visit one of these newspaper sites and search for "child abuse" to help find an article:

Winston Salem Journal

The Dispatch

Greensboro News & Record

Making Your Brochure

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